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YOJO Culture is a holistic health lifestyle company and brand, founded by husband and wife team Afya Ibomu and Khnum “Stic” Ibomu of dead prez. They’ve been together for over 22 years and are both leaders in providing healthy lifestyle resources using a fresh and multicultural approach that educates, inspires and empowers.

Through Yojo Culture they seek to share over 25 years of collective experience and expertise in holistic health, edutainment, entrepreneurship and community activism.

Stic of Dead Prez - Yojo Culture


Khnum “Stic” Ibomu (of dead prez) is a world-renowned motivational hip-hop artist-activist, songwriter, producer and author. He created a new genre of hardcore hip-hop music with motivational lyrics for authentic healthy living called “fit hop”.

Stic is a long distance runner, certified running coach (RRCA), meditator, student of the martial arts, entrepreneur and columnist for national publications including Origin and Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine.

Afya - Yojo Culture


Afya Ibomu, B.S., CHHC is a Holistic Nutritionist that has been successfully living a plant based lifestyle for over 25 years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and is Certified in Holistic Health Counseling.

Afya is a best selling author, educator, yogi, entrepreneur, organic gardener, meditator, mother and a nutrition counselor for fitness competitors. Afya excels at creating and teaching how to prepare soulful and internationally inspired, plant based cuisine.

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